‘Culture Mark Music’ is an old idea on a new platform, meaning, I will be using music to spread positive and inspirational messages to educate and uplift people all around the world.

I am an author, publisher and artist with over 20 years’ experience in Music Production. For the 20 years leading up to 2007 I was working in both the public and private sector in administrative and finance roles. In 2007 I made the decision to leave the civil service/ private sector and along with my wife Charmaine we created Black History Studies

(for more information about Black History Studies check out our website -there you will also find information about my children’s book ‘The Great and Mighty Wall’).

I am so passionate about Black History, I combined my music production skills to create a three track EP entitled 'Supa Black Man' and I’ve produced various musical compositions for various course infomercials for our company Black History Studies. I’ve also produced the Audio Lecture CD series for Black History Studies in 2010.

So, this is the inspiration behind ‘Culture Mark Music’ and the fact that everyone who has heard my music has encouraged me to get back into the performance and recoding game, as they see it as a way of inspiring and educating people all around the world.

My first release for ‘Culture Mark Music is’ entitled ‘Black History Studies’, which is a track designed to tell you all about our organization Black History Studies.

I hope you enjoy the track and please do spread the word about ‘Culture Mark Music’, Spreading Positive and Inspirational Music to Educate and Uplift People all around the World…



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